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Aug. 30th, 2008

Private // UnhackableCollapse )

My apologies from an extended absence from the Network; a certain amount of time had been required to familiarize myself with the City once again.

It seems like some things don't change, do they? The City itself undergoes an alarming turnover rate, and yet it still stays the same, essentially.

Minor revisions to the City Guide were made during my time of absence, and should anyone have anything to contribute, please direct them here; I will be working extensively on it to make sure that it stays relevant and up-to-date.

To all the newcomers and the ones I'm as yet unfamiliar with; I'm Yagami Light - it would be a pleasure to meet most, if not all of you eventually.

[Police Force // Viewable]

I believe I've idled enough in the City - if I may, I request for a position in the police force once again while I regain all my bearings. I believe I will be better able to serve justice the City better within the force instead of somewhere else.


[Kristoph Gavin//Private]

It's been a pleasure having dined with you, Kristoph. I was pleasantly surprised by how much we seem to have in common despite occupying opposing positions in the law enforcement profession. I should like to meet with you again sometime.


.Note 01.

Where am I? What's...

This place holds some measure of familiarity, but I've never been here before. Where -

If this is some kind of obscene joke, it is definitely not appreciated. I cannot be dead, I cannot be used to this. My heart's not beating and yet I'm not afraid. What is going on? Who is responsible for this?

I demand answers

I require an audience with the person who runs this circus. Explanations are due, and I am unwilling to to waste any more time than is absolutely necessary. And to whomever that is responsible for it, kindly cease that incessant ticking.
Ah, Warden elections again, isn't it? It seems like the City is significantly more active when times like these come around.

[Private to Seras Victoria]

Miss Victoria, I wish you all the best in the elections. It had been a true pleasure working with you, and it truly is my sincere hope that you will achieve the position, especially with your vast potential.


[Filtered to the Gentlemen//User: Kira//Absolutely unhackable]

If I may, gentlemen, shall we use Seras Victoria? I suggest unity as well, a poor showing is terribly unbecoming.


Mar. 27th, 2008

Hmm, I think I've made a little too much cookies this morning; but perhaps the officers at the station would be up to having some of them? I'm aware that most - if not all of you - tend to skip breakfast, after all.

Should anyone like to have some, I've packaged them in little handy boxes, and they are available for pick up at any time.

Also, a matter worth announcing to the people of this esteemed City. I have set up a task force for superhuman officers in order to facilitate better response and more effective containment and arrest methods regarding the more powerful persons/criminals within this City. Pay is of course negotiable, and those who have an interest, kindly leave a note here, and I shall get back to you as soon as possible.

Officer Hawkeye, do take note of the individuals; I will send you their particulars as soon as I receive them, and please send down the collated files to me tomorrow morning.

Mr Valentine, if you will, could you please put the mass of staff files in order, and check that the prior records of criminals are updated?

[[ooc: Yeaaaaah, very much affected. Also, cookies may taste too sweet/too hard/singed at the edges. He may be a perfectionist, but baking really isn't his forte. Going to bed now, but will tag in a few hours! ;.;]]
I apologize for the trouble/problems I've brought while I had been affected by the curses. To Mr Gintoki, please accept my apologies, and thank you for being being kind enough to accommodate my younger self's whims.

[Police Force Filter//Light's own codes//Rendered completely unviewable to outside surveillance]

Sergeant Sagara has resigned as your direct superior, officers; you will all report to me from now on. However, there are matters that has to be straightened out.

I will require for someone competent enough to take his place. Should anyone be interested in this position, kindly leave a note, and reasons detailing why you feel you would be suitable for the job. Sergeant, I would like you to consider suitable candidates as well.



Excellent. This could not have come at a better time.

Voice Post

*There's a sound of a toddler giggling, and then the bumping of the recorder and plenty of footsteps. Then rustling before a mildly distanced, tiny voice is heard*


[[ooc: Because Qing missed baby!Lighto too much. ._.]]

Mar. 19th, 2008

Once was bad enough, but this City doesn't seem to cease it's antics--damn it.

.....Not this again.

I won't be seeing anyone today; kindly leave your messages, and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I require additional bandages, if anyone is able to spare them. They keep getting in the way.

[[ooc: Strikes hackable, etc etc]]

Mar. 18th, 2008

Since it looks like I've finally managed a day off work, a little rest and relaxation should be in order.

I hope whatever I taught you regarding the computer device was useful, Mr. Felix.

[Private to Major//Unhackable]

I would like to ask for a favor, Major, should you wish to give it.


[Private to Tesla//Unhackable]

If all goes as planned, there will be a quarter of an hour afforded for you to extract Nnoitra from prison in two days. Ophelia, however, will be obliged to stay within the prison for however long it takes.



He's already spoken to Rosiel, then. From reviewing past entries on the Network, it looks like this Mello is a new one. Naomi Misora that foolish, foolish woman. She can do nothing to me during her first time here, and yet she still tries.

As it stands, she is not a threat. What should be focused on now - focused, assembled - I've lost one too many of my pawns to this City is yet another strategy. L is moving, L and all his pawns, and I cannot afford to stand still.

They will lose, I am sure of it. What can they do to a morally upright, normal citizen within this City? Even then, it's a fine line to be walked; the unsavory elements are too important to be overlooked. If they cannot be gotten rid of, then another use will be found. Their worthless existences would not be in vain if they're used to suit my purposes, at least.

And so, to set the table, and to gather the pieces.

Are you watching, L?

Kira will not lose.


[[ooc: Tesla-mun, Prince Charming-mun wouldn't be around this week, so we'll have to postpone the rescue until she returns? :3]]

Mar. 16th, 2008

Contrary to the rumors spreading; no, I have not resigned from the police force.

My apologies for my absence during these few weeks; there were urgent matters for me to attend to and resolve.

Should anyone require my assistance, I'll be in my office.

Sergeant Sagara, a word, please.


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